James A Moore Quotes

  • Long before I fell in love with writing, I fell in love with reading. Sometimes, honestly, I feel like I'm cheating on my first love when I settle into my office chair to start work on the latest manuscript.
  • I am the first to point out that I really am not kind to illustrators. By that, I mean I really don't give that much to work with.
  • Back in my younger years, I read an average of a book a day. That was when I was going to school full time and working a job after school 30 hours or more a week.
  • Alejandro Colucci has designed covers for my books that stand out, that catch the eye, and that make me, as a reader and consumer, want to know more about the books behind those covers.
  • Ultimately, Lloyd Alexander's tales of Prydain were enough to make me come back and visit again and again, and each time, I laughed and I wept. Each time. No exceptions.
  • Lloyd Alexander's tales were written and published when I was in diapers. Decades later, they remain utterly timeless for me. I cannot recommend them enough.