Manage Quotes

  • Whenever you manage more than 100 attorneys, there's always going to be attorneys who believe that someone isn't as good as they are.
  • You cannot manage an airline from a corner office in Willis Tower. That doesn't work. You've got to manage by walking around.
  • When you manage your company for long-term shareholders, and you manage the company for clients, two of the biggest stakeholders, you will make the right decisions.
  • You can't manage Wall Street. Wall Street has its own viewpoints on everything. I have always believed, if you manage your business correctly, Wall Street will take care of itself.
  • You can't manage by memo. You can't stand up there and just send out edicts. I think you just gotta really personalize your relationships.
  • Their future is ahead of them.
  • I love classical music and often listen to symphonies or opera in the morning.
  • You can manage 50 people through the strength of your personality and lack of sleep. You can touch them all in a week and make sure they're all pointed in the right direction.